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Our in person Services are not meeting for the second Lockdown. We hope that when restrictions are lifted we can once again meet in our Churches for services. For now we have many Online services and content for you to engage with. We have a recorded All-Aged service 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month. We also have devotionals and teaching content to watch. All these can be watched on our Video and Media page here or on our YouTube channel here.

Our Podcasts are continuing to be recorded and posted every Sunday by 8am. You can listen to them here:

Some of our Churches are meeting via Zoom or Facebook. If you would like to meet online for a Sunday service please contact the following people from each Church or click on the link for Facebook services.

St. Sampson's - Judith Ayers - Email here or telephone - 01579 384617

St. Paul's - Michelene Norris - Email here or telephone - 01579 363515

Stoke Climsland Facebook service


Please be patient with us during this time and if you have questions or queries you can contact the Churchwardens for each Church. Their contact details are here.


Stoke Climsland, St. Melor's and St. Sampson's have opened their doors to anyone who wishes to pray in a Church. Although you can pray anywhere we know the spiritual significance of praying inside of a Church. Stoke Climsland is open Wednesdays from 1-4pm and St. Melor's and St. Sampson's are open everyday during daylight hours. 

You must continue social distancing of 2 metres from anyone that is not in your household if they are also visiting for prayer. We also suggest that if you suspect you may have been exposed to the virus or are feeling unwell that you do not visit our Chuches for prayer. Please follow all instructions given to you on entering the buildings. Please only visit the Churches for prayer. We will advise you on when you can view our Churches for historical benefit or to look for reletives. We thank you for your ongoing support of the Callington Cluster and each of our indiviual Churches. 

Message from Bishop Philip and Bishop Hugh

Dear friends,

We are forwarding, with this note, a letter from our two Archbishops and the Bishop of London. It is specifically addressed to the clergy of the Church of England but we wanted to give it a wider circulation.

At its heart it calls us to use this renewed period of lockdown as a season of prayer, and of fasting too, and we wholly endorse that suggestion – recognising of course that much prayer has already been taking place.

...this call to prayer as something absolutely essential for a moment such as this. Our resilience, in the end, depends not on us but upon the faithfulness of our God  - and it is upon that faithfulness that we can and we must rely. He has, and is, all we need.

To aid you in reflection and to encourage you in prayer, we share with you this poem by R. S. Thomas – who himself served for many years as a priest on an peninsular surrounded by the sea:

The Other

There are nights that are so still

that I can hear the small owl


far off and a fox barking

miles away. It is then that I lie

in the lean hours awake listening

to the swell born somewhere in

the Atlantic

rising and falling, rising and


wave on wave on the long shore

by the village that is without


and companionless. And the

thought comes

of that other being who is

awake, too,

letting our prayers break on him,

not like this for a few hours,

but for days, years, for eternity.


May we rest upon him, and find in him, all we need in this challenging time.

With our love and prayers for you all,


+Philip (Biship of Truro)  +Hugh (Bishop of St. Germans)

Letter from The Most Revd & Rt Hon Justin Welby, The Most Revd & Rt Hon Stephen Cottrell Archbishop of Canterbury Archbishop of York, The Rt Revd & Rt Hon Dame Sarah Mullally Bishop of London.