In our opinion, the church hasn’t been too great for men down the years.  It’s perhaps been hard to see the relevance of church and faith to an increasingly pressurised role in community and family life.  For those men who have engaged with the church, it’s often been about what they can contribute rather than how they can be supported in work and family life. We find ourselves being challenged by how we can support the wellbeing of men in our communities, and for those who wish to pursue faith, how we show its practical relevance to everyday life.  You may have seen Jesus hanging in a stained glass window, but a closer look into the real Jesus shows a true leader of men, a challenging and powerful man who wasn't afraid of addressing the real issues. That’s the Jesus we’ve experienced.

Activities specifically for men are detailed below and you can find out more about what's happening across the Cluster of churches here.


Our men's ministry "Unshaken" was built out of the idea that we want to give men the opportunity to gain an unshakable faith and become a strong man of God. This can only be achieved through great friendships with other men of faith, good teaching and the opportunity to be yourself. In these meetings, you can be honest and you can be comfortable in the knowledge that no one will tell you what you should and should not be. The men that meet have all been broken, bruised and hungry for the strength of Jesus to get them through life. We meet for different events every 4th Saturday of the month, check out the What's on page to see what we are doing next or contact Dave Wheeler via 07971072459 or by email. 


Men's Breakfast

Our men's group meets on the first Saturday of the month between 9.00 and 11.00 am at The Engine House in Callington for breakfast and conversation on a huge variety of different topics, all are welcome.  Contact John Chadelcott for more information 01579 371080, or email him here. 





Join us at the Rugby

A group of us make several trips a year to watch Rugby at Launceston.  The trip includes lunch, entry tickets and usually transport can be arranged too.  It's a great opportunity to get together to enjoy sport and conversation.  For more information call Ali Carnegie on 01579 370187 or email him here.