The Churches

Our churches

Our five churches have a variety of worship styles, from traditional through to contemporary, enabling people to engage with God through worship that is familiar to them.  The variety across the Cluster also means that people can experience different forms of worship should they want to explore something new.  If tradition and the Book of Common Prayer are what you find helpful in worship, then you’ll find services that are BCP based, but we also progressively explore the more modern forms of worship in many of our services.  If Worship Central material is your thing, you’ll also find it with us.  To us it’s not so much the style of worship that’s important - more the enabling people to draw close to God through whatever worship is going on.  The choice of style is yours.


When it comes to teaching we are broadly evangelical in nature, with an understanding of the grace of God to all who turn to Jesus. We aim to deliver sermons and talks that will open up the Bible and challenge and encourage us as to how we live our lives today. For those who want to pursue discipleship, we offer a range of courses, including Alpha, Way of Life, and Freedom in Christ. We are open to the gifts of the Spirit, including prophecy and healing. Teaching courses vary throughout the year with main Cluster teaching evenings held on Tuesday evenings. Outside of the main Cluster teaching evenings, there are a number of home groups that meet together to explore the Bible and Christian teaching, while offering friendship and support within a smaller setting.


There is an old prayer which says, “Come close to God, and he will come close to you” - that’s what we aim for in all our worship and teaching.


To find out when services are and how to get to the churches click on the link below: