Our beliefs

Our belief and experience is that God is real and can enter into any life or situation to bring about transformation. As we travel through life, with all the good bits and the bad, God is never far from those who turn to him. There is an active relationship to be had, a relationship that will guide and inwardly empower us to become the people we are meant to be. Just as our churches are unique, so each one of us is unique too, and God meets us where we are. His desire and plan for us is always for our good and wellbeing. Even if we have lived lives that have been far from him in terms of thought or lifestyle, he is always ready to welcome us. There are many stories in the Bible that speak of God’s welcome and help. There are many people within our church families who have experienced it for themselves.


In drawing close to God we open ourselves to his Spirit working within us. His Spirit brings transformation from the inside out and we gradually move towards lives that are filled with more peace, more joy, more spiritual abundance. Past burdens that affect us emotionally are often lifted, replaced with a sense of quiet affirmation of who we really are. We are much loved by God and over time we come to realise that he is with us at all times and all places. His presence brings peace.


Belief and relationship with God is far from a set of religious rules and traditions. There is a warmth of relationship to be had and shared with all those who actively seek him. Church families gather together to acknowledge God’s presence with us, to support and encourage one another, and to serve the communities around them.


God and You


No matter where you find yourself in life, God is interested in You. In our experience people can sometimes arrive at a point in life where they are aware that something is missing - there is a sense of incompleteness. Sometimes there have been a series of nudges towards the spiritual side of life, a feeling that there must be something more than the day today. These can be points of invitation to explore what a living relationship with God can be like. For those who take note of such points and act upon them, it is the start of a new journey. 


If you would like to explore this further then please come along to one of our churches on a Sunday.