About us

The Callington Cluster is a group of five churches located in the east of Cornwall, close to the Tamar Valley. We are part of the Truro Diocese within the Church of England. Our churches are located in Callington, South Hill, Linkinhorne, Upton Cross and Stoke Climsland.


A church is often identified by a church building. Our churches as buildings are open every day and offer a place of quiet stillness where people can come and dwell with their thoughts and prayers. They are holy spaces, where people can feel the peace of God. 


A church as a holy space is important, but of equal importance is a church identified as its people - those who have consciously sought God within their lives. Our churches as people comprise a variety of backgrounds - from the well off to the not so well off, from the loving childhood and family to the broken and lost, from the conventionally capable to the curiously gifted. There is an acceptance of all, a warm welcome to be had.


While being part of the Cluster, each of our five churches has its own unique identity and flavour, embracing the modern and traditional styles of worship. For those seeking God within a church service or gathering, the unique identities offer a spiritual home to all preferences. But beyond the uniqueness, there are shared values - the love and acceptance of people wherever they find themselves on their journey through life.