Youth are very important to us at Callington Cluster. We enjoy seeing the next geration becoming wholehearted followers of Jesus but also encouraging them to be leaders. In a world of social media where the only opinion of yourself that matters is what others say about you, we want to be the encouragers and the teachers of what God really thinks about them. We want to provide youth with the ability to be themselves and to grow knowing that God made them exactly the way He intended. For they are fearfully and wonderfully made. 


14-18 year olds can benefit from a Friday evening hang out called 'Your Space' at St Mary’s, Callington at 7.30. It's a chance to socialise with others their age and to just have fun! With the ever increasing pressure of exams Your space is their place to relax. There is free food, games, pool table, darts and much more. There are also volunteers on hand to listen if they need someone to talk to.


Sunday Morning Live! 

Sunday Morning Live! or SML! is a Sunday school based in Callington town hall every 2nd, 3rd and 4th Sundays. It runs from 10am to 11am for those attending St Mary's church as the church is across the road! It has a strong you group that meet and discuss God's word in more detail and is a place to ask lots of questions about God and faith. Contact our Families Leader for more information. 




There is a very successful mentoring programme called Mentor+ for young people helping to them to develop their expertise and self confidence to face up to the challenges of getting into the workplace. Mentor+ brings together business, education and local volunteers to bridge the gap between education and business. It’s all about instilling self-esteem and hope for the future. For more information about Mentor+ and how you can get involved visit this page: Mentor+.