Church Wardens

Church wardens

Church wardens are very important in our churches. They are the the backbone of our churches, ensuring the day-to-day running of the church and the leading example to which the rest of the congregation follows. They are like caretakers but not just of the building but for everyone that enters the building, keeping the peace and helping in not just practical ways but personal also. If you have any questions about a specifix church these are the people you contact.


St Mary's church







                             Garry Morris                                                                                                         Rhoda Pearson

        01579 382944 /                                   01579 382034 /


Stoke Climsland church

Richard Bennett


01579 371144 /

Steve Brocklebank


01579 370243 /


St Sampson's church

                             David Brent

                           01579 362312


Miranda Lawrence-Owen

01579 382863 /


St Paul's & St Melor's church







                          Michelene Norris                                                                                                      Sarah Doney

         01579 363515 /                                   01579 362602 /