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In our opinion, church hasn’t been too great for men down the years.  It’s perhaps been hard to see the relevance of church and faith to an increasingly pressurised role in community and family life.  This may b e a sweeping statement, but women seem more adept at sharing problems and understanding, while men find it hard to communicate and share things of deep importance to them.  For those men who have engaged with church, it’s often been about what they can contribute rather than how they can be supported in work and family life.  We’re sorry for that.
We find ourselves being challenged by how we can support the wellbeing of men in our communities, and for those who wish to pursue faith, how we show its practical relevance to every day life.  You may have seen Jesus hanging in a stained glass window looking like he’s wearing a nighty, but a closer look into the real Jesus shows a true leader of men, not afraid of the tough stuff, and keenly interested in enabling men (and for that matter all people) to live life to its fullest potential.  That’s the Jesus we’ve experienced.
You may just need to do something practical and know the true friendship of other men - that’s fine - the men’s group is for you.  You may be puzzling (at a mid-life crisis point?) over the meaning of life - that’s fine - the men’s group is for you. You may be acutely worried about family or personal life - that’s fine - the men’s group is for you.  No pressure.  Just come and join in.