3. In the community

St Paul's Church hosts a community lunch for adults every Wednesday at the Crosslink Centre (Church Hall) from 12.15 until about 1.45 Cost £4.00. New people are always very welcome, It is a splendid opportunity to make new friends, both for those helping and those enjoying the meal. It doesn't matter if you come by yourself, or as a couple, we would be pleased to meet you.

Please contact Norma Draper on 01579363572 

or Michelene Norris on 01579363515

Lifts can usually be arranged


A small group from St Paul'sand St Melor's church, assisted by folk from neighbouring parishes, are pleased to be able to go into Upton Cross School every two weeks to take an Open the Book assembly.  We act out a Bible story for the children.  It is a chance to tell others about Jesus and many of the heros and heroines of the Bible in a way that, we hope, the youngsters will remember.

Members of the Pastoral Care Team visit Eldon House (a local nursing home) on the last Wednesday of every month to lead a sing along, always finishing with a favourite hymn