3. Church life

Sunday Services at St Paul's Church Upton Cross

Services held at St Paul's all start at 9.30 am, finish around 10.30 and are followed by coffee and a chat in the Crosslink Centre (Church hall)


1st and 3rd Sundays - informal worship services

2nd sunday - communion

4th Sunday Meet and Eat in Rilla Mill Village Hall (next village to Upton Cross).  This is an informal shared breakfast during which there will be a very brief Christian talk. It is, like our services,  open to folk of any faith or none. We would be particularly pleased to  welcome local residents including familes with children. We always have plenty of food, so do join us.

5th Sunday-Joint service with other churches in the Cluster. Venue varies, please contact Brian Norris below if details needed

For more information please call  Brian Norris on 01579363515